Dakota Fanning Talks New Moon With Access Hollywood

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Tiffany Giardini YouTube Video

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UK Twilight Movie Release Date

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According to Amazon, the Twilight movie DVD will be released in the UK on April 6th, and you can pre-order it now for £19.09 here.

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Bella’s Mittens From The Twilight Movie

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“Order your very own pair of the actual mittens worn by Bella (Kristen Stewart) in Twilight!” Check it out here.

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Kristen Stewart Not Planning To Go To College

Posted on January 25, 2009 in Actors

“”I grew up on a set,” she told Reuters at Sundance. “I don’t take it as seriously, and then at the same time I take it more seriously than anyone. It’s like a balance.”

On college, she says, “Not now, maybe if I can grow up a little bit,” she said. “But not yet, I can’t. It’s just I’ve had a lot of demands put on me for quite a long time.”"

Check out the article here.

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According to BellaandEdward:

“I actually work at an FYE and I’ve come across some interesting bits of information for you guys! FYE.com, as well as all FYE locations, are taking reservations for the movie (link here). All the stores in my district have been given the option to do a midnight opening on release night but that’s going to be done on a store by store basis in which case, it would be best to contact any local locations closer to the release date to see if that’s going to be occurring. Also, often times there are give aways in our stores such as posters, trading cards film cells eta… but at the moment, I haven’t heard anything either way, but I’ll be sure to let you guys know if/when I hear anything!

Also, I was reading over a list of new CD releases for the year and it looks like the soundtrack is going to be re-released as a CD/DVD on March 24th! Some stores also have in stock, life size cut outs of the cast members.”

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Dakota Fanning Close To Signing New Moon Deal

Posted on January 25, 2009 in Movie

According to the National Post:

“Teen star Dakota Fanning confirmed Saturday she’s close to signing to do the Jane role in the Twilight sequel New Moon which starts filming in March. Jane is the Italian Vulturi vampire and it would mark the first time Fanning would take on the role of a villain in a film.

‘It’s definitely something I look forward to doing,” said Fanning during an L. A. interview for the sci-fi film Push opening Feb. 6. According to insiders Fanny’s representatives will meet with the filmmakers this week but both parties are near a deal and are just working out the numbers.

Although Fanning said she’s hopeful, she’s waiting for the deal to become official before she will discuss the movie or the series, although she admitted to looking forward to working with New Moon director Chris Weitz. “We’ll see,” she said. Officially, very soon.”

Check out the National Post article here. IESB.net also has an article here, and Access Hollywood has an article here.

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New Twilight Spoof Video

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Who should play Alec in New Moon movie?

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“With Dakota Fanning tapped for the role of Volturi vampire Jane in Twilight sequel New Moon, the casting of Alec, Jane’s undead twin brother, is director Chris Weitz’s next challenge. Compared to Jane, “his hair was darker, and his lips were not as full, but he was just as lovely,” writes author Stephenie Meyer of Alec in New Moon.

Possessing the ability to numb a victim’s senses, quiet but deadly Alec could be well-played by Tom Felton, best known as Harry Potter’s foe Draco Malfoy. Some other suggestions? High School Musical’s Lucas Grabeel could follow his serious turn in Milk with an even darker one as the bloodsucker. And French actor Gaspard Ulliel of Hannibal Rising would bring a terrifying pedigree to the character, while Freddie Highmore, who sweetly stole scenes in Willy Wonka and Finding Neverland, could bring out his bad side.”

Check out the People article here. Comment and let us know what you think: Who should play the evil vampire Alec?

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Kristen Stewart’s Reaction To Obama’s Inauguration

Posted on January 24, 2009 in Actors

Check out the ET online video here.

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Stephenie Meyer Day 2009

Posted on January 24, 2009 in Books

“Here’s early notice–Stephenie Meyer Day 2009 is happening September 12-13, 2009, in Forks, WA!! While this year’s event is still in the organizational stages, based on the overwhelming response last year, we want everyone (including folks in, um, Arizona . . . ) to have a chance to make plans to be here on Bella’s Birthday to celebrate with us. Now is the time to make lodging reservations in Forks or LaPush for this weekend–the entire area was booked solid last year. Many fans arrived before the weekend and/or stayed a day or two afterward, to have more time to fully enjoy everything the area has to offer.

Last year’s event featured Forks High School tours; the Mayor’s Proclamation; Bella’s Birthday Cake; a Group Photo; Bella, Edward and Jacob Look-Alike Contests; Book Readings and Discussion; a Wolf Dance and a Bonfire with Native Storytelling in LaPush; along with access to gobs of Twilight-related merchandise, opportunities to see the local sights, visit the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center and socialize with hundreds of other totally-out-of-control Twilighters. How can you beat that?”

Get more info here.

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Bella’s Face in Hole

Posted on January 23, 2009 in Movie

FaceinHole.com has added the above Twilight picture to their site, which means you can now replace Bella’s face with your own! Check it out here.

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New Twilight Movie Picture Stills

Posted on January 23, 2009 in Movie

Check out these newly-released picture stills from the Twilight movie, courtesy of HisGoldenEyes:

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New Moon Filming Might Return To Washington

Posted on January 23, 2009 in Movie

“Film crews could return to Kalama High School this spring to shoot footage [New Moon]. Several producers and director Chris Weitz — who didn’t direct the original ‘Twilight’ — visited the school last week, said Kalama Superintendent Jim Sutton.

‘The whole point of the trip was to show Chris Weitz all the locations they used up here in the Northwest,’ Sutton said. The visit was short, and moviemakers didn’t commit to filming at the school again, Sutton said. It’s possible they shot enough footage during the filming of ‘Twilight’ last spring to supply the sequel, he noted.

If additional footage is requested, ‘they would need to start shooting at the end of March or early April,’ Sutton said. That time frame sounds workable, Sutton said, but requires approval by the Kalama School Board before they get the green-light.”

Check out the article here.

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Twilight 2010 Calendar and Bookmarks Available Online

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An official large 11″ by 17″ Twilight calendar is now available. The poster calendar features “oversized images of the Twilight cast with perforated edges so you can remove and save the images.” The calendar runs from January to December of 2010, and also includes a year at a glance 2009 calendar. It is available for $15.95 here.

The above bookmarks are available for $3.95 each or $14.95 for the set of four here.

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